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We’ll help you realize the event you want with affordable monthly payments

Why become a VUE member?

VUE is re-imagining how people pay for events. We offer an exclusive membership that helps you afford the event you want and focus on the best parts of your special day instead of worrying about needing to make lump-sum payments upfront or at unexpected times.

Lower Upfront Costs

With a VUE membership, you won’t need to skimp on the details or give up on your dream event plan. We’ll help you split your expenses into manageable monthly payments, avoiding the financial stress of large upfront costs.

Focus on What Matters

With low monthly payments and the additional offers and benefits available for VUE members, you will be able to focus on the things that matter most during your special time instead of worrying about money.

Peace of Mind

With VUE, you can make smaller monthly payments over a longer period, meaning that you won’t have to wait and save for large initial payments before you can start your event planning. Lock down your date and venue right away, and relax!


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What we Do

No Penny-Pinching Required

You focus on what matters most to you, and we handle the financial side of things to make your dream wedding or event affordable. We also provide exclusive offers and benefits for our members, and we can help you find quality venues that will be just what you’re looking for.

What we Do

Reserve Your Chosen Venue Without the Upfront Cost

With a VUE membership, you’ll be able to get the venue you want, on the day you want, without having to pay a huge upfront cost. You’ll have access to our vast partner network of wedding planners and venues who can be booked with convenient, affordable monthly payments. Secure the wedding you want with a low monthly payment plan that will be as perfect and tailored to you as your wedding plans are.

What we Do

Have Your Cake and Eat It Too

Joining VUE is simple. Reach out to us or talk to your wedding professional today to submit a membership application, secure your wedding date and venue, and set up your low, convenient payments so that you can focus on the other details. With financial help from VUE, you’ll be on your way to the altar in no time, without having to worry about upfront costs.

VUE Provides Real Help for Real People

“VUE helped with the extra time benefit for a more simplified monthly payment. VUE’s flexibility helped when we had to make adjustments for COVID regulations.” – Robin, VUE Client

“VUE was a great help during a stressful time. I would totally

recommend VUE. ” -Melissa, VUE Client


“The possibility of easier payments and an ‘in’ with top wedding venues in my area makes the whole planning process much less stressful.” -Angela, Texas

Partner Highlights

We have a large partner network of venues and vendors that offer our payment plans. If you’re already working with one that is not a VUE Partner, we would love to make that happen! Simply have them contact us about joining our network.

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