Provide Clients with Extended Custom Payment Options

VUE payment options will help clients choose you over competitors. There’s no cost to you and you decide when to offer it to clients.

Book Clients Sooner

Increase Purchasing Power

Eliminate Collections

Fully Paid Before Events


Why use VUE?

Clients want flexible payment options. You’re probably already offering different ways for them to pay, but do you allow them to pay AFTER the event? 

VUE will pay you directly for the event (not give clients funds) and then grants clients extended terms so their payments are easier to manage. 

With VUE you can book clients for much less out of pocket, but still get paid by VUE. Secure those bookings sooner and for higher dollar amounts when you let them customize their plan with VUE!


How do I become a VUE Partner?

All we need to do is determine how and when you want to receive payments for client events. Our standard agreement is completely catered towards you and even offers generous terms for cancelations. They’re rare, in our experience, but it’s still nice to have the comfort.

Once you’re signed up, we’ll send you collateral and set up your unique landing page for clients to access our application and be connected to you.

We’ll happily train any staff you have. It’s incredibly simple and costs you NOTHING. Seriously, we don’t take any part of your sale or have any requirements for how often you use us. 



Any Other Benefits?

Well, securing more clients and up-selling is the norm for VUE Partners. But there is more. With VUE, you no longer handle collections and have awkward conversations with clients who use our plan. Additionally, we provide client leads and even help consolidate event packages with your preferred vendors, so you can easily offer full service options if you aren’t already.

You may be saying to yourself ‘my clients aren’t late on payments or have never asked for financing options’… Well, you’d be surprised how many clients WANT a financing payment or payment plan even if they CAN handle your terms. With VUE, now both you AND the client are getting payment terms that fit best. 

Submit a Partner Application Today

Once received, VUE will reach out to answer any questions you have and get you set up as a partner with a simple onboarding, if/when you’d like to proceed. We’ll help you and your staff to effectively integrate VUE into your process. (it’s SIMPLE!)

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