You Can Afford Your Dream Event With VUE

Finances are the number one concern most couples have when planning a wedding.
With VUE, you and your partner won’t have to worry.

How Can a VUE Membership Help You?

Ease the Financial Burden

VUE eases the financial burden of preparing for an event. With a VUE membership, the costs related to your venue, planner, or vendor(s) are much more affordable.

Monthly Payments

VUE helps you afford the event you’re dreaming of! Split the cost of your event package into smaller monthly payments so you don’t have to worry about large upfront costs or lump-sum payments.

Everyone Gets Approved

Everyone is approved for membership, and there are no surprise costs. Simply fill out our form and a VUE representative will contact you to review event payment options and explain how it works.

What we Do

Sign Up

If you are working with a VUE partner venue or vendor, they will guide you through the process of signing up for a membership. If you’re working with a venue or vendor who is not already a VUE partner, we are always looking for new partners so that we can help you book the wedding you want! Simply let us know which venue or vendor you have in mind and we’ll contact them to set up the partnership.

What we Do

How Does the Sign-Up Process Work?

VUE memberships are offered to those who book events through a VUE Partner. As you finalize your package amount with them, you’ll be able to fill out the membership application in just a few minutes on your mobile device. 

What we Do

Once You’re Signed Up

As long as your scheduled event is at least three months away, signing up for a VUE membership lets you secure your event date without requiring that you make large initial payments. VUE will help you avoid the need for private bank loans that can come with lengthy terms, unpredictable interest rates, and difficult qualification requirements. In most cases, a VUE membership will even allow you to extend your payment period beyond your event date, giving you more time and money to focus on other areas of importance.

What we Do

Other Benefits of Membership

VUE membership comes with additional exclusive benefits for members. These are typically personalized and may include unique experiences, access to entertainment, or other lifestyle perks that help to enhance engaged life. These can vary depending on geography, so speak with VUE to see what you’ll be able to access with your membership!


Can I include other expenses in my membership?

VUE memberships cover only expenses with VUE Partners. You can include every service from them that you’d like at the time of your booking and VUE Application as long as there are at least 90 days until your event. If you’d like to roll in purchases with non-VUE partners, talk to us and we’ll try and make it happen!

Can I sign up even if I don’t have a date or venue yet?

The VUE program is offered through exclusive partners and you sign up when you have the event package amount finalized. If you haven’t decided when and where your event will take place, let us know so we can work with you and your venue or vendor to get a plan in place.

Do I have to qualify like I would with a bank loan?

No. By having your event through an established VUE Partner, you will be approved. We designed VUE for the relationship between clients and their professionals, so our application is not nearly as intense as a financial institution’s.

Can I use VUE if I booked my event already?

Yes! If your venue or vendor is a VUE partner and you have at least three months until your event, contact us to convert your balance to a VUE plan.

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