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We offer convenient, affordable payment plans and exclusive membership benefits that help you realize your beautiful event without relying on bank loans or additional debt. With VUE and VUE Partners, you won’t just have a wonderful event, you’ll have more time and money to enjoy the entire experience from day one.

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“We have finished college and are working full time, but love the idea of beginning career salaries being able to allow for a dream wedding.”

“I never wanted to ask my in-laws to pay for our wedding. VUE makes that possible.”

“The possibility of easier payments and an ‘in’ with top wedding venues in my area makes the whole planning process much less stressful.”

How Do I Become a Member?

Contact VUE

You can fill out the form we’ve provided here and a VUE concierge will get in touch to provide details on a possible plan. If you already have a venue or package established, let’s get you set up!

Apply for Membership

Once you have an event package, you can apply for a VUE membership in minutes with the use of a mobile device. Our partner venue or vendor can give you a link or you can contact us directly to complete the application.

Get Approved

Spoiler: Everyone is approved! You’ll be able to see your plan duration and monthly payment amount before committing. If all is set, you’ll be prompted to sign the VUE Agreement and make the first payment to secure your booking.

Focus On The Fun

Once your membership is set up, you can shift your focus to creating lasting memories with your fiancé, family, and friends. VUE will help you lock in your wedding date and set up automatic payments for your plan to help you avoid stress.

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