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VUE is Innovating the Event Industry with Alternative Financing Solutions

Consumers can now book and pay for their events with our customized monthly payment plans. We partner with small business event vendors who offer VUE to their clients and are paid directly by VUE.

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The  VUE  Model

Brides, grooms and other event clients are able to book their preferred venue & vendors with much less up-front and easier payment plans that extend beyond their event. VUE advances payments to vendors, alleviating the need for event clients to track large, randomly scheduled payments. VUE clients (who we call Members) now have a better option without using credit or banks.

The client setup experience is simple and uniquely curated, just like their event! Their plan, or membership  monthly payment amount, and terms may vary by customer based on their event purchase amount, pre-book time, and credit score, as deemed necessary.

Invest in VUE

Event Industry Leadership

VUE is connecting the otherwise disparate and inaccessible event industry through financial innovation.

The wedding industry is comprised of over 318,000 small businesses delivering over 2.2 million weddings a year. As demonstrated more substantially during the COVID pandemic, this is a fragmented industry of independent small businesses that is under-resourced.

Our financial innovation creates value for consumers, small businesses, the industry, and VUE shareholders.

Invest in vue

Monthly Payment Plans

VUE offers convenient, affordable payment plans and exclusive membership benefits that help our customers realize their beautiful event without relying on bank loans or additional debt.

With VUE, our customers have more time and money to enjoy the entire event experience from day one.

Consumer Accessibility via VUE

  • Approachable monthly payment plans

  • Secure their event sooner and for lower amount down

  • Funding alternative, not debt

  • A network of vendors

  • Benefits, rewards and incentives 

  • Lifetime access to experiences and resources

Small Business Support via VUE:

  • More event bookings, and faster
  • Increased average order
  • More profitable, stable and growing business
  • National purchasing power
  • Community resources
  • An empowered industry of small businesses

VUE is a foundational leader of the $51.2 billion industry, bringing stability, access and financial innovation.

  • A major life event is the access point for new consumers,
  • VUE helps them fulfill and finance eventful lives,
  • Small businesses are stable and focused,
  • The “old economy” of underserved small businesses is resourced and empowered.

“This is really a game-changer for a lot of people. They can really do what they want for their event.”

-VUE Partner: Don, Owner of Chandon Arbors Venue in TX

“You have been so wonderful to work with. I’m going to recommend VUE highly because of the awesome customer service you’ve shown us!”

 -VUE Client: Shelby, TX

"I like how easy VUE is to use. I’m going to make this a permanent payment option on all my proposals going forward.”

-VUE Partner: Stephanie, Owner of A Daydream Wedding in CA.

“VUE was a great help during a stressful time. If i wasn't able to make payments with VUE, I don't know what i would have done. I would totally recommend VUE.”

-VUE Client: Melissa, CA

"VUE it took a lot of the financial stress off of me. there would of been no way I could of paid it in time if it wasn't for them."

-VUE Member: Sam, Minnesota

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