VUE International

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What is VUE?

VUE makes the financial part of events easy. We provide extended payment plans for clients and make sure their venues and vendors are paid in full before the event. We customize the payment plans for each client and provide support to businesses who become our partners.

VUE partners with venues, planners, caterers, DJ/entertainment, photographers, and other vendors. We work in almost every state in the US with hundreds of businesses. We are now excited to bring our successful approach to businesses outside the US! Our approach is even stronger now that we can help you capture even more destination events!

Vue International

How We Do It?

We partner with venues and vendors to take on the financial element, so you can focus on what you do best. We can help you incorporate all your vendors into all-inclusive packages, or we can simply consolidate those separate vendor purchases for the client’s ease. You can participate in joint marketing – gain exposure across the US, increase lead generation, and gain more credibility with clients so you can access international clientele wanting the destination event with you!

VUE International

International Benefit

We help international businesses gain greater access to US-based event clients and facilitate the financial element, which provides the confidence consumers want in a process that involves international planning. As a US-based company with strong relationships abroad, we provide that peace of mind. Whether you’re US-based and want to put on destination events, or located outside the US putting on destination events for US-based clients, we can facilitate it all.

Let’s Work Together

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