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In just a few minutes you can apply and secure your VUE plan. Once submitted, a VUE representative will reach out to ensure we customize your plan the best way possible. We’re excited to work with you!


What is the Sign-Up Process?

You are on this page because you’ve either booked your package with a VUE Partner or are ready to do so. All you need to apply is your personal information, event date and dollar amount of your event package.

Once you’ve completed the application, a VUE representative will reach out to ensure we customize your monthly payment plan how you want. You’ll then receive the VUE agreement for e-signature and set up your account to make your first monthly payment. 


What Else Should I Know?

A VUE membership lets you secure your event date without requiring  large initial payments. This means your first payment to secure your event may be a few hundred dollars instead of thousands. In addition, you may be eligible to extend your plan after your event!

You can consolidate future purchases related to your event such as catering, photography or entertainment that are booked through VUE Partners. This means just one easy monthly payment for everything.



Any Other Benefits?

Yes! A VUE membership comes with additional exclusive benefits for members. These are typically personalized and may include unique experiences, access to entertainment, or other lifestyle perks that help to enhance engaged life. These can vary depending on geography, so speak with VUE to see what you’ll be able to access.

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