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Providing resources for the event industry.

We focus on supporting the event industry so both clients and businesses enhance their experiences.

Why become a VUE Partner?

VUE is excited to help our amazing event industry partners access resources that enhance their business and secure what they’ve spent years building! From marketing to financial expertise to insurance to purchasing power, growth is the goal!


Why VUE?

We have a network of venues and vendors across the United States, which has allowed us to bring together critical resources for the event industry and its venues and vendors.

We know that this industry may be greatly impacted by economic times ahead and we want our partner businesses to not only survive, but enhance their business and continue to serve clients with the wonderful care and dedication they have done for years!


How do I become a VUE Partner?

Simply let us know you want to access the resources and we’ll make you part of the network! There’s no cost to affiliating with us, but be prepared to access some pretty great technology and financial expertise that is catered to the event industry.


What are these “Resources”?

We have brought together a number of companies and services that will help our partner businesses thrive during uncertain economic times. 

It’s important to solidify key elements of an event industry business: finances, expenses, sales and reputation. We bring you a number of options along with cost savings as a VUE Partner.

Partner Highlights

We have a large partner network of venues and vendors. Become part of the community!

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